TIP Meteorological Measuring’s mission is to improve the quality of daily life through addressing the needs on measuring and monitoring the environment.


TIP Meteorological Measuring’s vision is to become the world’s leading supplier in Environmental Monitoring, weather and industrial measurements to make people’s lives better, easier, and happier.


TIP Meteorological Measuring is committed to creating demand for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources through continuously developing innovative new business areas where environmental measurement plays a significant role.
We serve our worldwide customers in the chosen meteorology, weather critical operations, environmental monitoring and controlled environment markets that represent an attractive field in terms of size, sustainable growth and profitability.

Organization Structure

The Power of Partnership

TIP is proud to have partnership established with the 23rd institute of CASIC (China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation), which is the backbone of national science and technology industry, is a large state-owned hi-tech enterprise under direct administration of China central government.
For the details about our business partner, please visit www.casic.com.cn or www.casic23.com.cn

Quality Policy

TIP's Quality Policy is to deliver our customers products and services with mix of performance, reliability and convenience to best fulfill the needs of the customers systematically and continuously measuring, reviewing, and taking actions to improve our quality performance.