TIP innovative environmental measuring and monitoring products cover a wide range of applications. The typical applications include:


With innovative environmental meteorological measuring systems and services, TIP has been active in meteorological applications for many years. The extensive knowledge of meteorological applications combined with our vast experience in observation technology has enabled us to create solutions even for the most unimaginable areas.

TIP Meteorological Measuring is helping to predict in different fields: Weather Forecasting, Climatology and Climate Change, Numerical Weather Prediction, Severe Weather, Air Quality Monitoring and Prediction.


TIP delivers user-specific solutions to solve the weather critical challenges at airports. TIP Aviation Weather solutions are developed to meet the level of reliability and accuracy for perfectly fitting the current airport operational needs on operating safely and efficiently in all weather conditions. Our Airport Weather services are to manage the whole life-cycle of the solution, such as the design, delivery, installation, training, maintenance and finally modernization phases


TIP Meteorological Measuring is able to provide cost-effective solutions for a stand-alone weather observation and reporting system for real time various field applications for defense operations.


TIP and its global partners are well prepared to support high quality measurements and weather data to make intelligent project decisions for wind power and solar energy plants while saving costs. Through the resource assessment anywhere the wind blows and monitoring weather conditions at the specific location, we deliver real-time data and critical information for operations personnel.

Our applications include: Wind resource assessment, Weather monitoring for power plants, Wind power forecasting, and so on.

Environmental Monitoring

With many years of experience in the field of environmental measuring and monitoring, TIP and its partners are able to support the disaster prevention and mitigation on environmental monitoring needs. During a disaster or critical events, such as occurring polluted air, sandstorm, extreme weather, and so on, it is critical to monitor and predict the real-time details, and get messages to public for the safety of everyone. TIP’s custom-design environmental measuring and monitoring systems and services allow getting the important information fast and effectively through integrated observation, forecast and prediction, emergency management.