Lightning Protection System

The lightning protection system is with the most advanced and accurate lightning detector, which is the combination of sensors and electric field instrument. It was designed by a group of experts via using different lightning warning technologies for the needs on lighting early monitoring and forecasting. With the better early warning rate and accuracy, they are widely used in the military, petrochemical, scenic, sports, mobile communications, terminal, large open-air site, weather, electricity, airport, piazza and electronic equipment protection, and so on.

Lightning occurs in the atmosphere of a transient high voltage, high current, strong electromagnetic radiation, and severe weather phenomena. As social and economic development and raise the level of modernization, especially the rapid development of information technology, disaster exposure and lightning caused economic losses and social impact has been growing. Lightning warning refers to the use of radiation, sound, light, electromagnetic properties of lightning discharges to the telemetry parameters (time, location, intensity, polarity, charge, energy, etc.) .