TIP Group and CASIC Announce Global Strategic Cooperation


7, December 2010 — Today, TIP International Corp. (TIP Group) and the 23rd institute of CASIC (China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation) announced a global strategic cooperation on global marketing for GPS Radiosondes, Wind Profilers and other meteorological products.

As a first step, both companies agreed and signed a global marketing and distribution contract for GPS Radiosindes. This agreement enables TIP to have the exclusive distribution rights to sell CASIC’s latest GPS Radiosondes by using TIP brand or CASIC brand in all countries except China.

Both companies are committed to deliver a value-added offering which drives long term profitability for our customers. Combining TIP leading global marketing and distribution capabilities with the CASIC aerospace technology and CASIC excellence engineering and manufacturing capabilities, the cooperation will drive both companies’ business growth.