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TIP GPS Radio Sounding Systems use in situ sensors carried aloft by a small, balloon-borne instrument package to measure vertical profiles of wind velocity, direction, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and moisture as the carrier ascends through the use of Satellite-based Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

TIP GPS Radio Sounding System consists of Receiving System and GPS Radiosondes

TIP GPS Receiving System is the major part of the GPS Radio Sounding System to receive and process radiosone data. The system includes following parts:
Radiosondes are launched into the atmosphere by weather balloons or other carriers. While ascending they measure a combination of temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, ozone, and wind velocity and radio the data to a ground system for processing.

TIP GPS Radiosondes offer high level of PTU and wind measuring performance while consume low power and occupy narrow frequency bands. They are used around the world to gather data for weather predicting.
The rocketsonde is carried by a rocket to the desired deployment altitude where the sondes are ejected and floats to earth on a small parachute. It provides the capabilities to measure meteorological variables of a desired space in a real-time, rapid, and accurate manner:
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  • TK-1 Lower-air Radio-sounding Rocket
  • TK-2 Radio-sounding Rocket
    The dropsondes, as the airborne counterpart, are ejected from aircraft and float to earth on a parachute. Atmospheric soundings from dropsondes provide the capability to measure conditions over remote areas, such as oceans, polar regions, and sparsely inhabited land masses; They are suitable to obtain soundings as well in and around severe weather situations, such as hurricanes.

    Meteorological Balloons are the small unmanned balloons set aloft to observe atmospheric conditions. The range of TIP Meteorological Balloons includes:
    TIP Windprofilers providing vertical profiles of horizontal wind speed and direction, and vertical wind velocity up to an altitude of 3 KM above ground level. The Windprofilers we deliver are:
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    Our Vehicle Millimeter Wave Cloud Radar is widely used for cloud observation to get physical parameters of radar reflectivity, vertical velocity, velocity spectrum width and linear depolarization ratio, and for researching cloud microphysical and dynamic property through analysis and retrieval. It is characteristic of high sensitivity, high space resolution and high maneuverability for the needs on airspace meteorological support, weather modification, atmospheric radiation transmission and climate change studies, and so on


    Our Digital Radio Theodolite is the high altitude meteorological detection system to measure the temperature, humidity and pressure of each layer’s atmosphere below 30km through tracking digital radiosonde carried by balloon, and then figuring out the wind direction and speed to provide real time, exact aerologic information for forecast, climatic analysis and weather guarantee. It can be used widely at airport, shooting range, as well as military and civilian observatory and meteorological station


    The lightning protection system is with the most advanced and accurate lightning detector, which is the combination of sensors and electric field instrument. It was designed by a group of experts via using different lightning monitoring and forecasting technologies for the needs on lighting early warming. With the better early warning rate and accuracy, they are widely used in the military, petrochemical, scenic, sports, mobile communications, terminal, large open-air site, weather, electricity, airport, piazza and electronic equipment protection, and so on